Previous participants have said...

"The three different views of my work gave me much to think about. The agents' experience and expertise lent incredible weight to their words."

"You were all incredibly insightful, both literary and practical at the same time, and so different from each other."

Since this was my first professional critique session, I wasn't too sure what to expect. However, I got a tremendous amount out of it—both personally in terms of your direct feedback and also indirectly in terms of your feedback to others."

"I have had a number of critiques, on-going and singular, over the years, but you each said things that no one had ever said before."

"It was very refreshing to meet three literary agents and hear them speak. They were not fierce! In fact, they were very nice and helpful. I have so many invaluable notes from the workshop. It was helpful to get three different viewpoints about my work. I loved the workshop and I would do it again."

"It was a great learning experience listening to the three different critiques of all the different manuscripts. I think this workshop achieves its goal perfectly."

"The light bulb that went on over my head. Seriously, something was nagging at me about my story, and I couldn't figure out what it was. The most pertinent comments, for me, were the ones having to do with plot. There was imagination, but no motivation for what my character was doing, no desire, no transformation. Kind of like a movie with great special effects but no story line to hang them on. The critique made it much more clear what needs to be done."

"I very much enjoyed listening to my feedback and the feedback of others. I have gotten A LOT of feedback from former editors and current children's book authors, but this is all done through letters. The in-person feedback (so that I could ask questions) was absolutely invaluable."

"The organization went smoothly and actually began on time and ended on time. The meeting of the whole group at the beginning and end was a good idea, and the more intimate meeting of the seven of us with a feeling of personal attention was appreciated!"

"Personally, I'd like to see an Act II version of this workshop down the line."